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Welcome to my website!  Here you will find assignments, classroom handouts/documents, supplemental notes, and much more!  Please take a few minutes to surf around the website and become comfortable with the format.  The tabs above will take you to the different pages.  At the beginning of each month I will post a "Monthy Update" that will give you a glimpse into what will be happening in the science classroom, so be sure to visit the site often!


December 2018 Update:

Students have been learning about genetics and the passing of traits from parents to offspring.  Students are just finishing up a “Reindeer Genetics” project were they used Punnett Squares to model the probability of traits being passed down from one generation to the next.  Students created “Reindeer” families in class based on the genotype/phenotypes of 2 adult reindeers and the possibility of traits (eye color, antler shape, flying, non-flying, fur color, etc.) being passed onto the offspring based on dominant and recessive alleles.  Some co-dominant traits were also embedded within the project.  Students generated 3 offspring using the genotype/phenotype of the 2 parents and created Punnett squares to determine the traits of each offspring. The Genetics Test will be on Tuesday, December 4th.

After this project we will be moving onto DNA and protein synthesis. Students will be able to model a DNA molecule by the end of the lesson. We will build models of DNA using colored mini-marshmallows to represent the different base pairs of DNA, and Twizzlers to represent the sugar-phosphate groups that make up the "sides" of the DNA molecule.  Thank you to all of the parents who were willing to donate supplies for our DNA Model Lab!


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