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Welcome to my website!  Here you will find homeworks assignments, classroom handouts/documents, supplemental notes, and much more!  Please take a few minutes to surf around the website and become comfortable with the format.  The tabs above will take you to the different pages.  At the beginning of each month I will post a "Monthy Update" that will give you a glimpse into what will be happening in the science classroom, so be sure to visit the site often!


October 2018 Update:

This month is science class we will be wrapping up our unit of Matter with a “CSI-Mystery Powder” Lab.  Students will be given 5 unknown powders and they will perform various tests on the powders to determine their physical and chemical properties.  They will have to use the information and identify each powder and link it to the powder found at the “crime scene” to help catch the thief.  The Chapter 11 Test is scheduled for Friday, October 12th.

Mid-month we will begin our Reproduction Unit.  Students will learn about the different types of reproduction (Asexual and Sexual) as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type.  As part of this process we will learn about the phases of mitosis and meiosis, and what occurs during these types of cell divisions.  


* Extra Help is available every morning starting at 7:30 am.  Please give me 24 hours notice, so I can make sure I do not have any meetings planned for that time.


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