Helpful Information for Parents


Things in place to help students succeed in science class:


1.  Supplemental Notes - copies of my class notes are posted under the "Supplemental Notes" link for all students to access.  They are also avaiable in a classroom binder.  These are helpful if students are absent and miss a discussion day in class. These are also helpful to review for a test/quiz.

2.  Class Handouts/Documents - Most classroom handouts/documents are available online as digital copies.  If a student is absent or loses a handout or worksheet they will most likely find a digital copy under the "Classroom Handouts/Documents" link.

3.  Classroom Powerpoints - Classroom Powerpoint presentations are posted on the website for all students to review.  These are helpful if a student is absent.  These are also helpful to review for a test or quiz.

4.  Extra Help Sessions - Extra Help is available every morning Monday - Friday starting at 7:40 am.  Please allow 24 hour notice if a student wishes to attend.

5.  Review Videos - Video clips that are shown in the classroom are posted under the "Classroom PowerPoints/Review Videos link".  Re-watch these to help prepare for an upcoming test.

6.  Bonus Assignments - I do not offer extra credit, however I do offer Bonus Assignments throughtout each term.  Bonus assignments are optional assignments that students can complete to earn bonus points on a test.  Please encourage your child to complete bonus assignments when they are offered.

8.  "Read-To" Option for online textbook - The online i-Science textbook has a "read-aloud" option on each page.  Just click on the "purple-speaker" icon on the page and the text will be read aloud for you.

9.   Online Textbook Personal Tutor- The online i-Science textbook has "Personal Tutor" video segments that re-teach concepts taught within the classroom (students have a username and password).  The 3-5 minute segments are good to use as a review, or if students are struggling with a concept /homework assignment.

10.  Varied Assessments:  Not all students test well.  You may notice varied types of assessments being used throughout the year (activities, labs, mini-labs, projects, writing assignments, quizzes, test, etc.)  This is used to give all students the opportunity to succeed in science class.